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Paris bet , best fixed matches sellers website.

Welcome dear visitor, we know very well why you are here!

You are looking for fixed matches and you have ended up on the website.

There is a reason why you came across this site; this is because we are the best fixed matches providers !!! Yes, you got it right, our team is the best; we have the best fixed matches and we are here ready to sell them to you at any time !!

You may be wondering how do we get these matches.

The question you are asking yourself is correct, and now we will answer you point by point.

We have these games thanks to the years of experience we have in betting; our story begins 15 years ago in a small town in France; where the most difficult thing was to find a job while the easiest was to find betting centers; in which to bet and lose the little money we had uselessly.

One day a boy we met in there told us the result of a match, not very confident we put in very few euros, but surprisingly the match ended as he had told us.A few months later we met him again, he told us that he had the best fixed matches in the whole of france and if we wanted to win we would have to buy a match.

Collected the money after 5 months we bought our first fixed matches on which we bet everything we had and won some money.

A collaboration began; he provided us with the best fixed matches; we sold them on French blogs we were subscribed to; slowly began our climb to success and day after day we got richer and richer.

best fixed matches

Can i ask for:

Free Fixed Match ?

Every day we get such inquiries, a small percentage of our visitors ask us every day if they can receive free fixed matches or pay after the win. Our answer is always the same; NO !

We pay for our matches and resell them , anyone who wants to get rich needs to invest in money to then make it bear fruit and earn.

It is not possible to receive matches in this mode because as mentioned earlier in our article we also paid for receiving the first fixed matches, so we do not provide these matches for free!


If you want free matches you can follow our soccer tips, daily predictions made by paris bet team.

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