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Hi, we are the team, we are the best fixed bets provider in the world.

Let’s see what fixed bets are, with this term we go to describe games with results that pre-established before the game starts. Results are provided by: Players, Referees and Internal Club Members.

With fixed bets the profit is 100% sure! Knowing the results of the game before it starts it is easy to make multiple bets; so as to be able to maximize the profit.

Are there any chances of loss? NO !

As there are a large number of bettors and a large investment of money, the games can only end up as predetermined; otherwise the person who provided the fixed bets may encounter several problems.

Most common fixed bets are 1 X 2 and HT FT, mainly fixed results are provided within 90 minutes or partial / final results. The matches are delivered in 2 modes; there are matches that are provided on a daily basis ( Daily fixed match ), matches that are provided on a weekly basis, with more accuracy on Saturdays ( Vip Fixed Matches, HT FT Fixed Matches ).

Fixed bets that given on a daily basis have odds that are not very high; they are mainly suitable for people who use high stakes; in fact the daily odds range from 2.00 to 5.00.

Unlike the Daily fixed matches, the fixed bets that are provided on Saturdays have very high odds, from 900.00 to 1500.00.

These offers are suitable both for bettors who use high stakes in order to make very high profits but also for bettors who use low stakes; in this way even the second type of customers can have a good profit.


How to find real Fixed Bets ?

There are many scammers around, people try to imitate our work and in this way many people get scammed.

Recognizing real fixed bets is not easy but the paris bet team will guide you in choosing the best fixed bets.

The first thing to see is if the provider provides proof of their winnings; as you see on our site we provide proof of what our customers play and win every time.

The second thing to be careful about is the price; in fact fixed bets do not cost 20 € or 30 €, these are ridiculous prices with which you cannot even go out for dinner, imagine if you can buy real fixed bets! Beware of those who offer you fixed best at these prices, they are scammers!

Finally, wait for those who promise you 400/500 odds or more every day; it is not physically possible to grant such high odds every day; if they try to offer you such high odds every day run away they are going to scam you!

In fact, our team offers such high odds only on Saturdays as there are a number of games ranging from 1000 upwards !! in this case it is easier to reach odds of this type; while we offer low odds from 2.00 up to 5.00 on a daily basis.

In summary, if someone does not show you the winnings; he promises you fixed bets at low prices and very high odds every day run away, they are about to scam you.

The paris bet team offers our visitors proof of our bets and those of our clients; our prices are in line with the fixed bets market and our odds are real and 100% safe.

Trust us and start winning today!

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